Mobile Physiotherapy & Massage clinic 

Mobile Physiotherapy & Massage clinic


My name is Jesse van Klarenbosch. I want to start by saying that i do not find writing about myself very interesting . My interest lies in finding out who you are. That being said i will make an honoust effort in putting down an impression. 

I was born in a city called Leiden in The Netherlands. Since young age i have been participating in all kinds of sports. From sports the interst grew in finding out how the human body functions. After high school i started studying physiotherapy and in 2012 i recieved my diploma. The education in becoming a physiotherapist was a very intersesting and fun time. During the study i learned alot about the functioning of the human body. I have learned what kind of pathologies there are and what the root cause of these pathalogies are. I have aquiered extensive knowledge about the human anatomy and muscular system. During the education of becoming physiotherapist we also spend alot of time in practicing how to give different kinds of massages.  

After my study i have worked for one year in a private physiotherapy clinic. During this work period i specialized and became certified in manual therapy according to B. Mulligan. I also specialised and became certified in fitness, sports and excersises in combination with rehabilitation. During this work period i noticed alot of people really enjoyed and benefitted from a massage. I also came to the conclusion that i really like giving massages. This caused me to further invest in massage. And in 2015 i also got my certification for giving hotstone massages. 

After this period i decided to start my own clinic. Massage clinic MyoMao was opened.

Due to the beautifull country, comfortable climate and wanting a new adventure in 2015 i decided to move to Lagos Portugal. 

I specialize and focus on the group of clients who have bodily pains, bodily restrictions such as mobility problems, clients who want information and tools for preventing pathologies, clients who want to work on increasing their general health and lifestyle, and clients who want to relax and enjoy a wonderfull massage. 

I like to make myself usefull and helping people is the way i like to do it. If  you want a physio or massage consult given by a therapist with high knowledge and skills then i am the appointed person. 

I look forward in meeting you and getting to know you.

The mobile clinic

The clinic is mobile and operates within the entire Algarve region. This means you can have a consult everywhere you want. for example at your home. This saves you precious traveling time. And this is experienced by my clients as very convienent.

I use a portable massage table wich can take an maximum load of 125KG. I also take equipment with me like an tablet/laptop, massage oils. I also have enough clean towels and senitation liquids with me so you can be sure of the highest standarts of hygiene.

MyoMao Physiotherapy & Massage Lagos Algrave Portugal